Gutierrez: Donald Trump Is a ‘Threat to Our Democracy’

Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) called Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “a threat to our Democracy.”

Gutiérrez said, “People are talking about economic issues, issues of justice. Are people getting driven to the polls because Donald Trump used bigotry and hatred and discrimination? When Donald Trump started his campaign, and he walked down that escalator the first words out of his mouth were Mexicans are murderers, rapists and drug dealers, and yeah there are a few good ones but we’ve got to get rid of them. That is the way he started the campaign. You should expect for people to respond electorally. You reward your friends and punish those that have been your enemy.”

He added, “Donald Trump is a threat. He’s a threat to our Democracy. He has — I have — look, I’ve been doing this awhile, too. I have never heard a candidate demean women the way he has, go out and simply say Muslims, we’re going to stop them from coming into this country and we’re going to round up 11 million people and deport you. So when someone says, and use fear, the fear of Muslims and their religion, the fear of the Mexican rapist and murderer, the fear of the refugee coming to this country to blow us up, that has been his rhetoric, and that is why the Ku Klux Klan has decided, and other extreme groups in America, have decided to endorse him. Really, elections are about the future.”

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