Krauthammer: Trump Essentially Pardoned Hillary, It’s ‘Right Thing To Do’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer praised President-Elect Donald Trump saying that he doesn’t wish to pursue charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the “right thing to do.”

Krauthammer said, “I think it’s the right thing. Procedurally, not quite, but this is the equivalent of him saying — issuing a pardon. And there are a lot of people who are saying, well, what about justice here? Well, the point of the pardon power, which is always rather odd, in any Constitution, is to allow political expediency or, if you like, reasons of state to trump justice. Obviously, if you going to issue a pardon, you’re going around justice but you’re saying some things for the country are more important.”

Krauthammer added, “I think it’s right to do it. You put that behind us. Yes, there are probably offenses which are prosecutable, maybe she would be convicted, but that’s not what we want to do. We do not want to see national political opponents putting each other in jail. So even though procedurally he’s not supposed to say this, because he’s not the one who would decide whether there would be a special prosecutor, it’s the equivalent of saying, when I’m sworn in, I would issue a pardon, and that’s, I think, the right thing to do.”

(video via Real Clear Politics)

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