Kevin Harlan Called Another Streaker on the Field During the Colts-Jets Game

NFL announcer Kevin Harlan got to call another streaker on the field situation during the Monday Night Football matchup between the Indianapolis Colts-New York Jets snooze-fest.

With the Jets trailing 31-3 in the third quarter, two fans ran out onto the field, and they were brutally tackled by security.

Harlan, joined by Boomer Esiason, made the following radio call of the incident:

ESIASON: Well that was the biggest cheer of the night as we got a of couple idiots running out on the field right now. Taking their shirts off, running all over the place and the last person I would want to run into is a New Jersey state trooper.

HARLAN: Oooh! Did you see that tackle? Oh! And the other guy is knocked down!

ESIASON: They’re actually hitting harder than the Jets defense. I’ll tell you that one kid may be just absolutely knocked out on the 26-yard line.

HARLAN: What a hit!

ESIASON: That was just a unbelievable hit by a New Jersey state trooper who came in right behind him. Don’t be messing with the state troopers, man, I’m telling you.

HARLAN: They don’t play that game.

This is the second time this season Harlan has called a fan on the field.

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