Dem Rep Himes: Trump’s ‘Outrageous Lies’ Disqualify Him to Be President

Tuesday on MSNBC, Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT), who is calling for the Electoral College to vote against President-elect Donald Trump, said Trump’s “outrageous lies” meant Trump was “not qualified to be president.”

Himes said, “Well, look, it’s a cumulative thing. I’ve watched this president-elect and set out to give him the benefit of the doubt and then watched him sort of make up just quite outrageous lies. The idea 2 million to 3 million fraudulent votes cast in this election. The idea that he won a historic political victory. None of these are true. And unlike crazy uncle Mike down at the TGIFriday’s, what the president says really matters. It moves markets. It makes a difference in how people behave around the world.”

“And then add in to that, the fact that this guy, President-elect Trump can find time to meet with Kanye this morning but apparently can’t find time to be briefed in a very dangerous world by the intelligence agency that he has trashed in public,” he continued. “For me the final straw when I saw the president-elect trash the intelligence community and stand up for the Kremlin, I thought, this guy is not qualified to be president. And yes we do have a constitutional mechanism and this is not an idea — you just have to read the Federalist Papers to know that our Founding Fathers — I’m not a big fan here of the electoral college, but was set up precisely to allow for a group of people to deliberate and stop foreign interference, to stop somebody ascending to that office who was not qualified.”

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