GOP Sen Lee: ‘Would Not Say No’ to SCOTUS Offer

In an interview on Salt Lake City’s KSL’s “The Doug Wright Show,” Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) said if given the opportunity to be nominated by the president to the Supreme Court, he would not turn it down.

Host Doug Wright laid out a scenario that the president would make such an appeal to Lee that he was sorely needed by the country to serve on the high court.

“If he asked me that question I would not say no,” he said. “Now, I want to qualify that by first of all by pointing out that I’m grateful to have just been reelected to the U.S. Senate. This is the job I wanted. This is the job I sought twice now and the job I was elected to now twice. And I’m grateful to have been reelected with the support of 70 percent of voters in Utah.”

“That said, if the president approached me in the manner you just described, I wouldn’t tell him no and I’m honored to be on that list.”

(h/t The Hill)

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