Whoopi: Trump’s Tweet on Chicago Violence Smacks of ‘Martial Law’

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” reacting to President Donald Trump’s tweet on Chicago violence, co-host Whoopi Goldberg said, “that’s starting to smack of martial law.”

Goldberg said, “He had this tweet yesterday, you know he’s been talking about what’s going on in the inner cities, and sort of tweeted at Rahm Emanuel and Chicago that he was going to send in the feds if they didn’t — here it is — if they don’t fix the horrible carnage going on. Now, carnage, is a very — you know, it’s a word that you only use when you have seen carnage. If you’ve never seen carnage, you can talk about what’s going on in all our inner cities, but using those words are inflammatory. But idea that you’re going to send the feds in when the governor hasn’t said, ‘Hey listen, we’re having trouble, can you come in? Can you send us’ — that’s starting to smack of martial law.”

She added, “There are things you can’t do. When you start talking about sending feds in to a state that no one has asked them for, that says to me, again, martial law  — which I don’t think we need. I don’t think it’s good to black things out. You said, you wanted to keep the government out of everything and here you come dragging the government in.”

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