Daily Beast’s Dickey: Trump Is Playing on Idea That Foreigners and Muslims Are ‘Dangerous’

The Daily Beast’s world news editor Christopher Dickey said Saturday on MSNBC that the Trump administration was playing on the idea that foreigners and Muslims are “dangerous” by temporarily barring refugees from Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Iran and Iraq from entering the United States.

“There was a moment when the Obama administration felt that it had to prove that it would take some refugees. They were all vetted very, very, very carefully. This idea that they were somehow not vetted is just nuts. They were vetted extremely carefully. That’s why not a single Syrian refugee has been at all involved with any terrorism in the United States, but that doesn’t matter to this administration because this administration is playing on an emotional idea, which is that foreigners are dangerous, that Muslims are dangerous,” Dickey said.

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