GOP Sen Daines: ‘Historic Obstruction’ Underway in U.S. Senate — Trump Has Fewest Cabinet Members Confirmed Since Washington

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT), the senator that gaveled down Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for her attacks on Jeff Sessions in violation of the rules while presiding over U.S. Senate, argued the action was justified given the “historic obstruction” underway in the Senate.

“I think it’s important to step back and look at the historic obstruction going on in the United States Senate,” Daines said. “President Trump has the fewest number of cabinet appointees confirmed than any president since George Washington. S0, the temperatures are rising in the Senate, and it’s very important that we adhere to the rules of the United States Senate, which is usually having civil discourse, civil conversations, and rule 19 is very clear. You cannot impugn a sitting senator. And that’s what happened with Sen. Warren and Jeff Sessions.”

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