Carl Bernstein: Trump ‘Telling Lies,’ Stonewalling ‘Press’

Wednesday on “CNN Newsroom,” journalist and network contributor Carl Bernstein said President Donald Trump has “been telling lies,” and has been stonewalling the press, the FBI and congressional investigators.

Bernstein said “We’ve seen very little indication for months and months now Donald Trump has any predilection toward answering these questions. Especially he’s been telling lies about many of these things under discussion. There has been a real attempt to stonewall the press, to stonewall the FBI, stonewall congressional investigators.”

“That’s what we know so far from people around the Trump campaign, and Trump apparat where this goes and the seriousness of it, we don’t know in terms of the ultimate disposition and what all the facts are,” he continued. “What we do know is that there are very serious allegations out there, many of which have gotten to the point where some of the substance has been confirmed about these contacts, which raise the most serious of questions that can possibly be raised about a president’s aides and organization.”

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