Joan Walsh: This WH ‘Doesn’t Care About Domestic Violence,’ Trump Is Casting His Lot With Abusers

Tuesday on CNN’s “The Lead,” while discussing how the White House had handled the Rob Porter controversy, network political analyst Joan Walsh said the White House didn’t care domestic violence,” and President Donald Trump was “casting his concern and his lot with the men accused.”

Walsh said, “I think we learned a couple of things today. I think we learned this White House doesn’t care about the truth, so no one is really trying to get very hard to get to the bottom. I think this White House doesn’t care domestic violence and that’s why they’ve been so cavalier.”

She added, “And I think there is a way in which the president has intentionally brought this on by himself by reopening it last Friday with his kind remarks about Rob Porter, no remarks about the victims, and his crazy tweet on Saturday which seemed to make him the opposition to the Me Too movement, make him part of the backlash to Me Too. I think he wants this. We know he likes these culture war issues. So he doesn’t care. He’s shrugging off these allegations and casting his concern and his lot with the men accused, and he is one of them actually.”

(h/t Grabien)

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