Mediaite: Democratic Voters Can’t Stand Clinton VP Tim Kaine

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

J.D. Durkin reports at Mediaite of the undeniably unpopularity of Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick, Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.

I arrived here in Philadelphia this weekend to a swarm of protestors at every imaginable corner of the city. On Sunday, I counted maybe 2 Clinton supporters for every 50 Berners; it is now the Democrats who seem to be frayed, and despite the efforts of the Sanders-Silverman alliance (anyone else want a buddy comedy out of this?) “falling in line” behind the former Secretary of State will take some time.

So, I hit the streets of my college town to gauge people’s interest in Clinton’s new Vice Presidential pick: Virginia’s Tim Kaine. The man who once admitted, “I am boring,” isn’t exactly a lighting rod of energy, so passionate Democrats told me exactly what they felt about Clinton’s Veepstakes victor.


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