Cook County, IL Plans to Reduce Violence by Raising Gun Prices

Officials in Cook Country Illinois have found the answer to gun violence. It's not stepping up enforcement of existing laws on the books or reducing regulations to make it easier for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves from criminals.

No, the answer is to tax legal firearm and ammunition purchases. Therefore, with homicides up 25% in Chicago this year, Cook County Officials want to impose a "violence tax" on all gun and ammo purchases.

Will this tax reduce crime? No.

Will this tax reduce gun violence? No.

Will this tax affect any of the illegal weapon or ammo purchases criminals and gang members make on the streets? No.

It will not do any of these things. But what it may do is raise prices on legitimate guns and ammo sales enough to keep poorer, law-abiding citizens from being able to afford the guns they need to protect their families.

This is liberalism at its best, which is liberalism at its worst.


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