Obama: 'Political Motivations' Keeping Benghazi Story Alive



Following a May 13 joint press conference between Obama and British PM David Cameron, AP correspondent Julie Pace asked Obama about Benghazi talking points, and Obama said "political motivations" are keeping the Benghazi story alive.

Pace: "Do you think the White House misled the public about it's role in shaping Benghazi talking points?"


"Here's what we know, Americans died in Benghazi. ...The day after it happened I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism. I pledged to the American people that we'd find out what happened [and bring those behind it to justice].

...The whole issue of talking points, through this process, has been a sideshow."

Obama went on to say the talking points presented by Susan Rice, five days after the attacks, "were pretty much" what Obama was looking at on the day after the attacks.

He said "political motivations" are keeping the Benghazi story alive, and that Republicans are using it "for fundraising." 


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