IRS to Take Sequester 'Furlough Day'


IRS Scandal

Blaming the sequester, the IRS is "furloughing" employees for a day on Friday. In an internal email sent out on Monday, the IRS's Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support, Beth Tucker, told all IRS employees that "the IRS as an organization and all of us as employees are going through some difficult days."

"The first of our scheduled furlough days is this Friday, May 24," Ms. Tucker continued. "Despite successful efforts over the past year to find cost savings and our ongoing efforts to offset the effects of sequestration, we could not avoid the very difficult decision to implement a furlough." 

"To minimize the impact of lost pay, we have staggered the days we must take so none fall during the same pay period," Tucker explained. "We also continue to work across the agency to identify options to reduce the number of days we need to take and remain hopeful that we can achieve this later in the fiscal year."

One IRS employee told Breitbart News that "this is just baloney." According to the employee, "half of the IRS employees know this is false. We have plenty of things we can cut. My department for example still offers overtime, except for furlough weeks. It was up to 16 hours in 2 weeks; now it is 8 hours in 2 weeks."

Despite Friday's "furlough day", the IRS apparently had plenty of cash over the past three years to pay over $100,000 in bonuses to Sarah Hall Ingram, the former IRS Commissioner for the Tax-Exempt and Government Entities Division now under scrutiny for her role in the IRS scandal that saw the agency targeting conservative groups. She is now in charge of running the IRS's implementation of Obamacare.


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