House Appropriations Chair Threatens IRS with 'Conditional' Funding


IRS Scandal

Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY), the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, suggested on Monday that Congress may have to make future funding of the IRS "conditional" based on whether the IRS adequately implements various reforms to ensure partisan targeting does not happen again. 

"We will not tolerate another political enemies list," Rogers said.

Rogers suggested the IRS may have to give Congress progress reports to assure Congress that the agency is spending the funds appropriated to the agency in a way that is deemed satisfactory. He said he may recommend to the full Committee that funding for the IRS be conditional. 

Rogers said "conditional funding" was a "straightjacket," and though he does not want to recommend such an action, Congress has done it before with the Coast Guard and will be more than willing to do so again if necessary. 

Rogers said that Congress has the power of the purse and, "we're prepared to use that purse to get to the truth."


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