CNN: Almost Half Believe White House Ordered IRS to Target Tea Party


IRS Scandal

Monday, CNN released a poll showing that a full 50% of Americans no longer trust President Obama. Tuesday, CNN released another poll that helps to explain why. Last month only 37% believed the White House ordered the IRS to target conservative groups. Today, however, almost half the country -- 47% believe the same. Only 49% disagree.

Obama has lost Independents on this issue in a major way. Last month 36% believed the White House was behind the IRS harassment of Obama's political opponents. Today, that number has jumped 14 points to 50%.

A clear majority, 55%, believe the IRS scandal is a "very important issue."

The media and left's response to this poll is that there is no proof the White House was directly involved in the IRS's reprehensible behavior. Fine. But there was also no "proof" Al Capone was a murderer and bootlegger, which is why he was imprisoned for tax fraud. The American people are not stupid. They can put two-and-two together.

Anyone watching the White House after the scandal broke would only grow more suspicious about their involvement. First off, you have the administration's ever-evolving stories about who knew what and when; you also have their unwillingness to get to the bottom of what happened with a special prosecutor.

Finally, almost every story that breaks indicates that the Inspector General's report was a whitewash. At first we were told that this political harassment occurred at the hands of only a few "rogue agents" in Cincinnati. Now we know that the IRS office in Washington DC was directly involved.

The media certainly isn’t helping, either. Again, the American people are not stupid; they witnessed the media lose its ever-loving mind covering the Valerie Plame and Todd Akin nothingburgers.  If 55% believe the scandal is a "very important issue," the media's decision to only reluctantly report on the scandal just makes them look complicit in a possible cover up.

People know the media are on Obama's side and they also know that if the politics of the situation were reversed, this story would swamp everything and that these IRS victims would be all over the media telling their stories.

If the media want to help Obama, they need to take the story seriously and get to the bottom of it. Until the American people feel that this issue has been fully investigated and resolved, suspicions will linger.

As well they should.


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