Pro-Abortion Protester Reads Poem Into TX Record: 'If My Vagina Was a Gun'

An abortion supporter, Katie Heim, wrote a poem likening her vagina to a gun which was read into the Texas Senate record as the Senate debated the bill outlawing abortion after twenty weeks. The poem, titled, "If My Vagina Was a Gun,” went like this:

If my vagina was a gun, you would stand for its rights,

You would ride on buses and fight all the fights.

If my vagina was a gun, you would treat it with care,

You wouldn’t spill all its secrets because, well, why go there.

If my vagina was a gun, you’d say what it holds is private

From cold dead hands we could pry, you surely would riot.

If my vagina was a gun, its rights would all be protected, no matter the body count or the children affected.

If my vagina was a gun, I could bypass security, concealed carry laws would ensure I’d have impunity.

If my vagina was a gun, I wouldn’t have to beg you, I could hunt this great land and do all the things men do.

But my vagina is not a gun, it is a mightier thing,

With a voice that rings true making lawmakers’ ears ring.

Vaginas are not delicate, they are muscular and magic,

So stop messing with mine, with legislation that’s tragic.

My vagina’s here to demand from the source,

Listen to the voices of thousands or feel their full force.

Some questions for Ms. Heim:

  1. You do know that it should be “If My Vagina Were a Gun”?
  2. If your vagina is “a mightier thing” than a gun, how do you plan to use it if confronted by a thug intent on robbing or brutalizing you?
  3. Fetuses, which Ms. Heim presumably references, reside in the uterus, not the vagina. Is she aware of this?
  4. Could Ms. Heim possibly do a worse disservice to pro-choice advocates than to read this nonsense into the legislative record?


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