CA GOP Gov Candidate: If You Want 'A Full Capacity Assault Rifle Magazine' then 'Vote for Somebody Else'

Speaking to Sacramento State College Republicans on February 19th, GOP gubernatorial candidate Neel Kashkari said "a single issue voter" whose issue is "assault rifle" magazines needs to find another candidate to support.

"I'm not your guy," said Kashkari.

According to, Kashkari's entire comment went like this: "If you're a single issue voter and you just want someone to give you a full capacity assault rifle magazine, God bless you. You can go vote for somebody else. I'm not your guy."

California Association of Federal Firearm Licensees president Brandon Combs responded: "California Republicans like Neel Kashkari can't seem to keep their issues straight. It's like they're anti-gun progressives, except with an 'R' next to their name." 

He described Kashkari as but another "big government elitist" from "the California Republican Party."

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