Uninvited II—Immigration Expert: Liberals Using Issue to Create Conditions that Require Big Gov't Programs

On Thursday at the Uninvited II national security forum, Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, said that the institutional left is using mass immigration to create the social conditions that call for more big government solutions.

Krikorian said that the left "has been quite explicit in their promotion of immigration for explicitly political purposes for importing voters." He explained that is why any discussion on immigration reform has to start with an "enforcement-first" approach.

Krikorian said that the left likes to use immigrants to create conditions that will lead even "non-immigrant voters to be receptive to big-government solutions." Case in point: Obamacare.

He stated that 80% of the increase in uninsured Americans is driven by immigration and noted that Obamacare was passed after politicians insisted a solution was needed for the country's uninsured.

Not only is the left importing voters, Krikorian said, but they are also "exacerbating social problems through immigration." Not surprisingly, all the solutions that are offered to the problems that the left creates involve more big government programs.

Calling California the Greece of American politics, Krikorian also noted that widespread immigration has worsened social problems and "dramatically moved the center of political gravity to the left."


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