Sen. Mary Landrieu Fakes Committee Hearing For New Campaign Ad

Sen. Mary Landrieu, (D-LA), employed a little campaign ad magic to spruce up some footage from a Congressional hearing.

In a new ad released Tuesday, Landrieu dramatically denounces the federal government, scolding them for not taking the needs of her constituents seriously on oil and gas revenues.

It appears that her campaign wanted to correct Landrieu for using the phrase “wish a magic wand” in the committee hearing instead when she should have said “wave a magic wand.”

That line is fixed in the new version. 

The campaign also uses different people in the ad than the actual staffers during the hearing. 

The video also includes a chyron for a fake news show “Eye on Washington” with the news description reading “The Obama Administration won’t support increased oil and gas revenue sharing?"

Watch the video below which shows the actual hearing footage vs. the new fake version.


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