Coyotes Using Jet Skis To Ferry Illegal Immigrants Across Border

During a trip to visit the southern border, Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) revealed that he witnessed the Texas DPS seizing a jet ski, which was used as a vehicle for human trafficking.

From his report:

Later that day, I ventured back to the border to meet with troopers and accompanied them on a perimeter ride. While there, I witnessed Texas DPS seize a jet ski that was primarily used as a human trafficking vehicle. I also witnessed a local constable arrest a Chinese National, which proves the point that those coming to the country illegally are not solely children from Central America.

Weber also toured a DPS office and met with DPS officials during his trip.

“It was important that I get a first-hand account of the border without any pretense from third parties,” The number one message that was relayed to us on how the government can help was simple; border patrol and Texas DPS need deterrents and an increased presence,” he wrote about his visit.

Weber indicated that his trip reaffirmed his belief that there was a crisis on the border and that it was time for the government officials to act.

"In light of what I witnessed at the border, it is crystal clear we are being over-run by hundreds of thousands of people continuing to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, overwhelming U.S. resources,” Weber said in a statement.


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