Gen. Barry McCaffrey: Obama ISIS Bombing a 'Pinprick' Reaction to 'Internal U.S. Politics'

On MSNBC on Friday, retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey described President Obama’s decision to go to war in Iraq as a “pinprick” action to placate “internal U.S. politics.”

“These are political gestures using military power,” McCaffrey said, “It looks to me as if a lot of this is internal U.S. politics to show we’re doing something.”

The Pentagon announced Friday that two F/A-18 aircrafts had launched two missiles against ISIS artillery in the region.

"I think we have muddled thinking on what we're trying to achieve in Iraq, and so these pinprick strikes...if you're going to protect refugees, 50,000 people without water and food, you don't do two F/A-18 strikes on an artillery unit somewhere in the vicinity," he added.

McCaffrey said he was concerned by the lack of a clear military objective and the use of “decisive force” in the new mission to Iraq.

“I’m a little dismayed at what we're up to here,” he stated.


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