Box Office Predictions: New 'Die Hard' Will Blow Away 'Beautiful Creatures,' 'Safe Haven'

Sensei called the correct finishing order last week. Really the only prediction site to do so. This week, it feels like Summer with so many big releases. Please note that the following predictions are all five day (Thurs-Mon) to incorporate the President's Day holiday.

Sensei's weekend predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. "A Good Day to Die Hard " ($44 million) - Will easily win, but feels more like a modest opening (as compared to a Fast Five-like breakout), based off early word of mouth. Still, a very healthy start that will earn more than enough to justify another franchise entry.

2. "Safe Haven" ($35 million) - A Nicholas Sparks film on Valentine's Day will easily pull in strong numbers. Look for a high opening early and watch the film coast to a very respectful holiday finish. To all you guys being dragged to this film, you could always sneak in a Die Hard viewing later.

3. "Beautiful Creatures" ($26.2 million) - The weekend's true wild card. Film's marketing has been strong and younger females seem very excited for this book adaptation. The problem is Save Haven will be stealing away those very same female audiences. Still, film will pull in some surprising male film-goers (in light of the film's supernatural action) to pull a respectable finish.

4. "Identity Thief" ($25 million) - A second week plunge was inevitable against so many new releases. Film remains the only high profile comedy but faces a tough test luring away audiences during such a diverse box office weekend.

5. "Escape From Planet Earth" ($21 million) - The weekend's odd film out. Earth isn't really that original in its concept, and recent animation features in the same style (like Rise of the Guardians) haven't been having break out openings lately. Film wants to be a Monsters vs. Aliens-like hit, but will only open to sub-par results.

In other calls:

Look for Silver Linings Playbook to make a run at the $100 million domestic mark. Another box office feat for Jennifer Lawrence.

That's Sensei's calls. Enjoy the holiday weekend.


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