Rush Limbaugh: Seth MacFarlane Says He Faced Conservative-Level Media Scrutiny for Oscar Gig

Seth MacFarlane's politics will never be considered right of center - unless he has a Dennis Miller-esque transformation.

Still, MacFarlane is willing to reach across the aisle for both comedy and common decency, witness his work with radio titan Rush Limbaugh on behalf of Family Guy and the kindness he showed Andrew Breitbart's family.

Limbaugh shared his thoughts on MacFarlane's Oscar hosting performance during the talker's radio show this afternoon. The conservative icon said MacFarlane opened up to him on a subject he probably gave little credence to prior to his hosting gig.

Liberal media bias.

Here's Limbaugh describing an email exchange the two had prior to last night's telecast:

I've been in the recording studio with Seth, and I don't care what you think of him: The man is profoundly, supremely talented. Now, there are a lot of characterizations about how he uses it and what direction he takes it, but there's no denying his talent, and he's a profoundly hard worker. I sent him an attaboy note yesterday morning. I sent him a wish-you-well kind of note. He wrote back and said, "You know what? I kind of understand how you conservatives feel about the media now."


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