Elliot Rodger's Father Sells Erotic Photos of Women's Rear Ends

From Showbiz411:

Peter Rodger isn’t just the second assistant director on “The Hunger Games.” He is also a photographer. His specialty? Women’s backsides. Arses, as it were. (He’s British.)

Sexy? Oh yes. And strange considering Elliot’s frightening declaration to “slaughter” everyone like animals.

Peter Rodger is the son of George Rodger, the famed British war photographer who helped start the Magnum photo agency. George Rodger was legendary for photos he took in World War II including some at the final days of concentration camps like Bergen Belsen. He was a serious photo journalist and died in 1995.

Son Peter has another focus altogether. He sells his black and white art photos of women’s bums for $1,250 on the Saatchi Art website. These derrieres are seen at the Taj Mahal, near the Eiffel Tower, in a seedy New York hotel room, and so on. They are all artfully done.

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