NBC News to Huntsman: Are Perry and Bachmann ‘Too Far Right to Beat Obama?’

It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic. On this morning's "Today Show" on NBC, GOP candidate Jon Huntsmann was interviewed by intrepid reporter Savannah Guthrie. After indulging Huntsmann in his usual cookie-cutter "I'm the moderate choice" responses Guthrie decided to cut to the chase and ask one of those biased questions that don't actually require a response, because the actual intent of the journalist is to communicate a message to the audience:
"Do you think that Governor Perry or Michele Bachmann are too far right to win and beat President Obama?"

A quick look at Real Clear Politics National Polling Averages shows that the data doesn't support the premise of Guthrie's question.

In polling reflecting head-to-head match-ups between Obama and the "too far right" Perry and Bachmann, the incumbent is in trouble.
Obama 45.5, Perry 44

Obama versus Perry shows a statistical dead-heat with the latest Rasmussen poll actually showing Perry ahead by three points.
Obama 48.0, Bachmann, 40.8

Obama versus Bachmann shows the Minnesota Congresswoman seven points behind with the incumbent not polling over 50%. This is an impressive number considering Bachmann is a regional politician from a small state who has only been campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, things don't look so good for the "moderate" Huntsmann:
Obama 50, Huntsman 36

Add to this the fact that Huntsmann is barely polling 1% nationally for the GOP nomination and perhaps the more relevant question to the former Utah Governor and Obama appointee should have been: "Aren't you too much like Obama to beat him?"


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