Julian Bond: "Breitbart Disproves Adage 'Only Good Die Young'"

Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune reports that former NAACP chair Julian Bond celebrated the death of Andrew Breitbart in an email in which he wrote:

"The death of Andrew Breitbart disproves the adage that only the good die young."

Page defended Bond, saying his remark was "mild" compared to Breitbart's comments on Ted Kennedy's death in 2009.

He also repeated the false mainstream media narrative about the Shirley Sherrod controversy, claiming incorrectly that the full video of her speech to the NAACP had exonerated her, and failing to note that Andrew specifically mentioned she had helped a white farmer against whom she had previously discriminated.

Page, who was friendly with Breitbart, did note that Breitbart's had claimed a "victory" in his fight to exonerate the Tea Party from charges that demonstrators had used the N-word at a Capitol Hill rally against Obamacare.

But Page's declaration that Breitbart's culture war "ends," was not only wrong, but egregiously wrong. 

The battle is only beginning.


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