Where's My Presidential Phone Call?

Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a "talk slut" and Laura Ingraham didn't receive a Presidential phone call. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was called a "bitch" by way of Fishbone's "Lyin' Ass Bitch" intro song on Jimmy Fallon's show and didn't receive a Presidential phone call. Michelle Malkin was called a "mashed-up bag of meat" by Keith Olbermann and she didn't receive a Presidental phone call. Sarah Palin was called a "c*nt" by Bill Maher and she didn't receive a Presidential phone call. Countless other conservative women, like myself, have over the past several days been threatened with death and rape on Twitter and in email if we ask why we should pay for another woman's contraception. We didn't get Presidential phone calls. Why? Because Barack Obama can't use us to make an argument for birth control to hide his attack on the First Amendment. 

A show debuted recently called "GCB," changed to such after the outcry over its full title, "Good Christian Bitches." Where's the Presidential phone call to good Christian women? 

Where is the Presidential phone call to all of the women who may have been offended by the recent "Slut Walks?" 

The media played up a carefully orchestrated story designed to shield the President from criticism that his health care mandate was a violation of religious freedom. Why is that not a story? Because if the Obama campaign slips and allows this election cycle to refocus on the economy, he will lose. By keeping the glare of the public eye trained on manufactured outrages like rehashed 60s issues, Obama can inflame his base and stand a chance against the Republican nominee. 

This is why it's important to reject the false narrative that this has anything at all to do with access to birth control -- especially since the only obstacle to a woman working for a Catholic entity is that she must buy her own contraception. This is all about a violation of First Amendment rights. If the government is given leeway to abridge your freedom to practice your religion as you see fit -- a right which doesn't change simply if you own and operate a business -- then they can assume other rights as well. 

It's why this outrage is phony. If progressives were truly consistent and genuine, they would be offended at all variations of the use, and not just when it's used by their side. If the media wasn't to blatant in their efforts to run defense for the Obama administration, they'd note this, as well. 

That being said, where's my phone call? 


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