Obama Fundraising Off Palin Attack

The media, anti-grassroots, and progressives declared Sarah Palin to be so irrelevant that they found it necessary to make a mockumentary about her ("Game Change") and now Barack Obama is fundraising off of her. Via Twitter:

What was that about the War on Women again? I'm curious as to why the President finds it necessary to attack her while raising funds off of attacking her. It's a sign they fear her effectiveness, to be sure (and the wild rumor that she was considering a bid for the White House before Super Tuesday), but it does nothing to boost their pro-lady cred. 

Bizarrely, Nicolle Wallace was invited on ABC to hock her mean girls feature and to post a summation of it on their website.

“Game Change” is not a movie about Sarah Palin.  And it’s definitely not about staffers like me. 

Let's rewrite this to more accurate reflect the actual intention of the film and those behind it:

"Game Change" is totally about Sarah Palin, otherwise no one would care about a film with the premise of two disgruntled staffers with a vendetta."

My colleague at Big Hollywood, John Nolte, has deconstructed this film and the motivations of those behind it countless times. I encourage you to revisit them in the sidebar. 


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