Al Sharpton Finds ... Sinbad To Talk Trayvon Martin Case

Kudos to "The Reverend" Al Sharpton for convincing MSNBC to allow him to broadcast his show that no one watches to a phantom congregation in Florida. Sharpton is currently in Florida to exasperate Trayvon Martin's family and do all he can to obscure actual fact with race-baiting sensationalism. His show"Politics Nation" decided to go back to the 90s and bring up Sinbad to talk about the Trayvon Martin case. Remember: Sharpton is magical and is privy to information in this case that no human knows, even humans with the Sanford Police Department.

Watch as the space time continuum is thrown for a loop as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are joined on MSNBC by ... Sinbad. 

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For real, right? I have no idea why Sinbad is on this show. He's a celebrity and he's a comedian, and I know of nothing he's done in this decade. 

All I know from this video clip is that Sinbad is still alive and all three men think hispanic George Zimmerman hunts black people. 

The end. 


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