Obama Stiff Arms White House Press, Fields Questions from Entertainment Tonight, People

President Barack Obama continues to stiff arm the press despite his promise to oversee the "most transparent administration in history."

“Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government,” he declared at the dawn of his first term.

Just another shattered promise. Throw it on the pile.

Obama hasn't hasn’t officially taken questions from the White House press corps since June 8. Yesterday, he ignored them once more during a campaign appearance in Iowa. He did field some questions, though.

He allowed queries from People magazine and Entertainment Tonight, those hard-hitting bastions of journalism.

The president continues to bask in the liberal media's glow. Harmful stories get spiked. Fawning pieces hit the wires. And, all the while, the president's crooked campaign commercials get an occasional tut-tut from his press sycophants, nothing more.

Yet Obama still keeps them at bay. Imagine if they actually did their job as they're supposed to do.


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