Report: U.S. Conducts Test to Destroy Underground Iranian Nuke Facilities

Reports indicate the Pentagon recently conducted tests in which advanced bunker buster bombs were used to destroy a replica of an Iranian underground nuclear facility.

The tests proved a resounding success, and the U.S. shared the results with ally nations. 

The reported purpose behind sharing these results was both to assure allies that the U.S. can take out Iranian nuclear facilities if need be and to send a message to Iran that the U.S. is prepared to attack if circumstances call for it.  

The bomb used in the tests was the GBU-57 B. This particular weapon "weighs 13 tons and its speed of penetration [is] two times faster than the speed of sound at a rate of accuracy of five meters."

These tests come as Israeli defense sources say "the most recent [International Atomic Energy Agency] report shows that U.S. sanctions have yet to discourage Tehran from going ahead with its nuclear program."

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