John Kerry: Media Not Giving Obama Enough Credit on Foreign Policy

Secretary of State John Kerry believes that President Obama doesn’t get enough credit for his successful foreign policy and blamed the media for any suggestion otherwise.

“I don’t think the President, frankly, takes enough credit for the successes that are on the table right now,” Kerry explained during an interview with PBS host Gwen Ifill.

Kerry pointed to foreign policy successes in Ukraine, Syria, and Iran as an example, praising Obama’s leadership.

“I think we are as engaged, more engaged than in any time in American history, and I think that case is there to be fully proven and laid out,” he said.

Even Ifill appeared surprised by Kerry’s response, pointing out that his views were “not the generally held impression”

“No, it’s not,” Kerry replied bluntly. “And the reason is there is a general, frankly, not fully informed, not factual conventional sort of process that gets played out in the media.”

Kerry also blamed the “industry in Washington” of “oppositionism” reflected in Congress that called into question Obama’s leadership.

He also dismissed Vice President Dick Cheney’s criticism of Obama’s leadership as “negative” and “wrong” just like the decision to go to war in Iraq.

“[A]ny advice from him really has no meaning to me with respect to what we’re doing today,” he concluded.


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