Palestinians Embrace Fight Song 'Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv'

Last week various Palestinian websites posted a song recorded by Shadi al-Bourini and Qassem al-Najjar titled "Strike a Blow at Tel Aviv."

According to the Boston Globe, the video for the song "features images of wounded Israelis and massed Qassam artillery rockets." It begins with these lyrics: "Strike a blow at Tel Aviv, Strike a blow at Tel Aviv, Strike a blow at Tel Aviv and frighten the Zionists."

The Middle East Media Research Institute translated and printed the lyrics to the entire song, showing how the lyrics become more confrontational as the song progresses:

You need to know, oh occupier, that the Palestinians won't be humiliated.

We don't want no truce or solution,

All we want is to strike Tel Aviv

We will strike a blow at Tel Aviv

Oh oppressive Israel army, you can take on anything but Gaza

Here comes the decisive response,

Strike a blow at Tel Aviv

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