Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Site in Ukraine Remains Unsecured

Nothing tells the story of the tragic crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 like pictures from the still-unsecured site, where passengers' bodies, personal effects, and remnants of the plane lay strewn on the ground.

Journalists at the MH17 site in east Ukraine are tweeting pictures and updates. The site remains unsecured and the pro-Russian forces are not allowing any experts to access the site. 

Media outlets reported the black boxes were sent to Ukraine, but the rebels claim they never found them. The journalists said they could not find any black boxes at the scene.

The bodies of the victims are not treated with any respect, and Max Seddon, a Buzzfeed reporter currently at the site, does not think a credible investigation can take place.

Here are more pictures. The bodies in these images are covered.

Ukraine does have the most beautiful sunflowers.


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