Indicted Senator Leyland Yee Promises to Prevent Corruption as California Sec of State

Suspended state Sen. Leyland Yee, who was indicted for allegedly committing wire fraud and trafficking firearms in exchange for campaign contributions in March, sent 10.6 million households campaign letters pledging he will fight corruption if elected Secretary of State.

The Sacramento Bee reported that the letter, which should be arriving soon to constituents' mailboxes, states that the beleaguered senator holds a "common sense law enforcement record." Ironically, Yee further explains that he is a Democrat who will represent everyone.

"Under the Constitution, the Secretary of State's job is to empower Californians to govern California, to guarantee fair elections, expose special interests, and prevent corruption," the letter adds. 

One day after his arrest on March 26, Yee had withdrawn his candidacy for Secretary of State, yet his name will still be among eight choices on the ballot. Yee’s candidate statement boasts that he had a 100 percent Planned Parenthood approval record, that he fought to end tuition discrimination against DREAMERS, and he won the struggle for marriage equality.


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