California Republican Tries Wooing Jobs from Texas

KEYE-TV News in Austin, Texas reports that in response to the attempts Texas Governor Rick Perry has been making to lure California businesses to Texas, State Senator Ted Gaines, a Republican, is trying to woo Texas businesses to come to California.

Gaines, speaking near the state capitol in Austin, told reporters, “I’ve got a meeting after this. We are a state of innovators and entrepreneurs and job creators. We’re here to invite jobs from Texas to come to California.”

But Bill Hammond, the president of the Texas Association of Business said, “You see literally thousands of businesses move from California to Texas today, and they’re doing so because of the business climate.” Hammond cited a recent CNBC survey indicating Texas was far ahead of California in the cost of doing business, infrastructure, and friendliness.

The news report noted that California was ahead of Texas with regard to access to capital, quality of life, and technology and innovation, but when Hammond was apprised of this, he responded, “As far as innovation and technology, I will give it California does rank high there, but we rank right next to them. They’re number one; we’re number two.”

The report stated that Gaines spent the day speaking with business leaders, but not state leaders.

Image: KEYE-TV/Screenshot


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