Muslim Brotherhood Founder's Grandson on UK Government Religious Taskforce

The British government last week unveiled its new Foreign Office Advisory Group on freedom of religion and belief, featuring – amongst others – Tariq Ramadan, whose grandfather founded the Muslim Brotherhood.

The inaugural meeting was convened by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, who has herself been linked to individuals who admitted involvement in the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Critics have blasted the appointment of Tariq Ramadan, whose mother's father was Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al Banna.

Writing in the Spectator, Douglas Murray, Associate Director of the foreign policy think tank the Henry Jackson Society wrote

"I think we can probably all guess where this ‘Advisory group’ will be heading. And it won’t be dealing with the Christians being slaughtered by Islamists across the Middle East and North Africa.  Or Jews being targeted by Palestinian terrorists who still receive salaries for their crimes from the UK taxpayer.

"But who does it consist of – apart from the inevitable Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty and Kate Allen of Amnesty? Why none other than that dauphin, that exemplar of Muslim Brotherhood royalty, Tariq Ramadan.

It was Ramadan’s grandfather who founded the fascist movement now under investigation and his parents’ generation which continued the tradition. If Her Majesty’s government wants to learn about the Muslim Brotherhood, I am certain it could make no better start than by asking for the co-operation of its new advisor on ‘Freedom of Religion or Belief.’

Ramadan's father was also a Muslim Brotherhood operative, and was reportedly exiled by Gamal Adbel Nasser when he was President of Egypt.

Critics have slammed him for "doublespeak". Author Caroline Fourest said "Ramadan is a war leader" and the "political heir of his grandfather", while even the Socialist head of France's SOS Racisme group called Ramadan a "fascist".

Ramadan was denied a visa to take up a teaching position in the United States, although the Obama administration overturned this move in 2010. 


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