'Crazy' Financial Consultant Invests in $92,000 Baseball Card For Ailing Child

A financial consultant bought a rare baseball card for $92,000 at an auction on Wednesday as an investment for his four-year-old son who has had a lifetime of health problems. He hopes to triple his investment. 

Jason LeBlanc won the rare 1865 Brooklyn Atlantics baseball card many thought would go for more than $100,000. 

LeBlanc's son Alex has had health problems since he was born. Alex's mother died when he was born, and Alex "has health challenges that require stays in the hospital and many trips to doctors and therapists."

"We have a sad story and a great story all together," LeBlanc said after the auction. "Alex is everything to me, and this is something I hope pays off."

"My mom thinks I'm crazy," LeBlanc said. "I might be."

LeBlanc's mother, Denise, told the Portland Press Herald, "I think he's a little crazy, but he knows what he's doing." 


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