Columnist: Aaron Craft Gets Undeserved Hype Because He's 'Rosey-cheeked White Guy'

Ohio State guard Aaron Craft is widely regarded as one of the best defenders in college basketball. Players, analysts and even computers all agree on that color-blind assessment. 

But a Lansing, Michigan sports columnist thinks Craft gets more praise than he deserves because he is a "rosey-cheeked white guy."

Graham Couch, who is white, acknowledged that Craft has "value," but said the only reason he is on covers of magazines and pre-season All-America lists is because of the color of his skin. 

"I also believe Craft receives recognition beyond his abilities for reasons most are afraid to say--he’s a rosey-cheeked white guy," Couch wrote. "That’s not his fault. But it’s the fault of writers who don’t necessarily understand the game or what he brings to it, but fall in love with his reputation and look."

Couch has insisted he was not using the race card and was simply making an observation. 


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