Red Sox Lower Beer Prices Because Sellout Streak in Jeopardy

The Red Sox are lowering food and beer prices in April because their 793-game home sellout streak may end as soon as the second game of the season as the team faces what looks to be like a complete rebuilding year that will see them struggle not only on the field but to attract baseball-crazed fans in Boston to see them play.

In an effort to draw more fans--like teams in small markets like Kansas City or Milwaukee would--the Red Sox are even allowing kids to eat for free in April

Fan can also purchase two Fenway Franks for the price of one. Beer prices will be lowered from $7.50 to $5.00.

But as is par for the course in Boston, the fans are never happy.

Red Sox fans immediately complained about the lower prices, criticizing Red Sox management of gouging them at Fenway Park and not lowering them sooner. 


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