Brother: Dick Trickle May Have Killed Himself Because of Mysterious Chest Pains Doctors Could Not Diagnose

Dick Trickle's brother believes the legendary NASCAR driver took his life because he could not withstand his mysterious--and severe--chest pain that doctors could not diagnose. 

Trickle was found dead on Thursday of what was apparently a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 

"Last week he told me, 'I don't know how much longer I can put up with this,'" Chuck Trickle told ESPN. "They were going to put something in him to help with the pain. It was a five-step process. I don't know how far along he was.

"He must have just decided the pain was too high, because he would have never done it for any other reason," he said. He told TMZ that Trickle had sharp pains in his chest that would not go away. 

He said he was at a "loss for words" and "this is not a thing he would do."

"I believe the pain was the problem," he reiterated.

Chuck said Dick "never cussed in his life," but "there were some words that came out last week that were not very good" when he was examined at Duke University Medical Center.

"With all the technology in the world, there is no way in the world they shouldn't find this [cause for the pain]," Chuck said. "He had so many MRIs and CT scans that he said 'My skin is hurting.'"

Ray Evernham, a NASCAR analyst and former Sprint Cup Series car owner, said Trickle "lived on his terms and died on his terms."

"He raced the way he wanted to race," Evernham said. "He came up with that one hour sleep for every hundred miles. He partied hard. He raced hard. He did nothing his whole life but race and help people that raced. He lived for it. His life was racing. He didn't conform. He didn't worry about all the other things. He lived on his terms."


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