Grant Hill on Why People Hate Duke: 'We Had a Lot of Really Good White Players'

Duke legend Grant Hill, whom former Michigan "Fab Five" member Jalen Rose accused of being an "Uncle Tom," said that Duke's basketball team is vilified and hated because the school has had many successful white basketball players.

"The funny thing is, I played with Bobby Hurley and Christian Laettner. They were despised when we were on the road," he told Bleacher Report.

Hill said that the school has had "a lot of really good white players," and that plays a role in the hatred. He also said that, "if you look in the crowd, and it was nothing but white students at the games."

"It was white-on-white hate," he said. "I don't understand that."

Hill also said white Duke players got more grief on the road than black players like himself did.

"They wouldn't get on me," Hill said "They got on Christian Laettner. They got on Bobby Hurley." 


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