Donald Sterling Calls Anderson Cooper Racist, Asks Gay Anchor, 'Did You Ever Like a Girl?'

After rambling in an interview about how he made "stupid, foolish, and uneducated" remarks about not wanting V. Stiviano to bring "black people" to his games because he wanted to sleep with her and was jealous of her black male friends, Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling asked Anderson Cooper if he was ever jealous at another guy over a girl. 

Except Cooper is openly gay. 

After explaining to Cooper that he was jealous when Stiviano said she was bringing "some gorgeous black guy" and used "black people" because that is how Stiviano described her black male friends, Sterling asked Cooper, "Did you ever like a girl... and were you ever jealous of her a little bit if she was with other guys?"

Sterling also called Cooper a racist. 

"I think you’re more of a racist than I am," Sterling blurted out when Cooper brought up former Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor's assertion that Sterling wanted to run his team like a plantation owner with poor black boys from the South.


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