No Selfie Control: Diamondbacks Fan Runs on Field to Snap Gerardo Parra Pic

In the 1970s, they ran on the field naked. In 2014, they do it clothed to take a selfie.

A courageous, elusive, fleet-footed, and inebriated--one hopes--man invaded the playing area at Chase Field in Phoenix on Friday. It turns out all he wanted was a selfie with Gerardo Parra.

That's a criminal offense? The Secret Service didn't even snatch David Ortiz away for his selfie with the president.

Derek Jeter? Mike Trout? Yasiel Puig? Sure. Gerardo Parra? The right fielder bats .253 on the season--a career low--and boasts just five home runs. On the other hand, the man has an absolute cannon. Perhaps the clothed streaker really, really wished to draw attention to the overlooked aspect of defensive play. Or maybe he just wanted to draw attention to himself.

They call it Chase Field for a reason... 


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