Cowardly Dallas Judge Who Ran from Breitbart Finally Speaks ... to NPR Station

HOUSTON, Texas—During the Texas Democrat State Convention in Dallas last weekend, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced his plan to bring at least 2,000 of the unaccompanied minors who are surrendering en masse to the Border Patrol as part of the Texas border crisis. Due to the Judge having ran away and hid from this Breitbart Texas reporter after an interview request that he accepted during the convention, the information below comes from an interview he actually conducted with the Dallas NPR station, KERA News.

Judge Jenkins announced during the convention held in his home county he had contacted the federal government and offered to host at least 2,000 of the more than 50,000 children who have entered the United States illegally in South Texas. Jenkins began working with the feds over a week ago according to the KERA News interview by Shelley Kofler, Local religious leaders from the Dallas area returned from a visit to the Rio Grande Sector detention facilities. These facilities are from where Breitbart Texas revealed the inhumane conditions where these unaccompanied children were being warehoused.

“They’re scared,” Jenkins told KERA. “They’re not able to be inoculated in these facilities. They can’t get the sort of complete care they need. So we need to do what we can to help those children get over this traumatic event and provide them some compassionate care.” Jenkins said he will be searching for three locations in Dallas County to house the children. Under consideration are empty hospitals and schools that have enough space for dormitory style housing. He said he expects most of the cost to be covered by the federal government but that he also expected local charities to put forward some of their resources as well.

"I’d love to see a group like the Baptist Men come in and feed these children once or twice a week foods they’re used to eating at home," Jenkins said. "I’d love to see us have religious services at the facilities. I’d love to see partners like AT&T provide some communications and televisions to watch soccer and cartoons on.”

While Jenkins called this event “a humanitarian crisis” he failed to recognize any culpability of the Obama Administration for their failure to secure our borders and for creating the beacon for these children to follow with his lawless creation of an amnesty program for young people already living in this country and further ambiguous promises or hints of future amnesty programs. Instead, Jenkins placed the blame on violent gangs and drug cartel activities. This explanation fails to recognize it is these very drug cartels the parents of these children are handing them over to.

Understanding he will face resistance form some in the Dallas Metroplex communities, Jenkins said, “We’re not trying to get into the immigration debate. I support the surge at the border. We’re trying to help the children who are here.”

Jenkins seemed to accept the federal government’s representation that these children would only need to remain North Texas for about four months as immigration officials reach out to alleged family members and decide where to place the children on a long-term basis.

Bob Price is a staff writer and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.


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