Assemblyman Tim Donnelly

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly is a California State Assemblyman representing the state’s 33rd District.

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Obama: The Most Dangerous Precedent

Everyone knows--whether they admit it or not--that President Barack Obama's "executive amnesty" is wrong. But most Americans aren't sure how to stop him—even though if this last election was about anything, it was about stopping Obama from granting an executive amnesty. Nov 20, 2014 1:47 PM PT

Republican Tide Crashes in California

In 2014, "the year of the Republican," California was only the state in the nation that lost solidly Republican seats to Democrats. As the election results rolled in, the perfect, red Republican wave came to a crashing end on California's sandy beaches. Nov 11, 2014 6:30 AM PT

Obama & Brown Guilty of Shielding Alleged Illegal Alien Cop Killer

On Friday, Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte--an illegal alien criminal--allegedly shot and killed two sheriff's deputies in the Northern California counties of Sacramento and Placer. He also allegedly shot another man in the head for resisting a car-jacking. Oct 26, 2014 2:36 PM PT

Gov. Jerry Brown’s Payoff to the Enviro-Extremists

Proposition #1 isn’t a water infrastructure bond, it’s nothing more than a $7.12 Billion payoff to the enviro-extremists who control natural resources in California. What else do you call it when over 50% of the money is being used to fund the daily operations of those agencies whose goal is deny every drop of water to agriculture and industry in our state so that the fish can flourish while the farmers die. It’s not by accident that over 800,000 acre-feet of water were allowed to flow out to sea in the midst of the worst drought most Californians have ever seen. That’s real power. Sep 19, 2014 9:44 AM PT

California vs. the Constitution--on Freedom, Faith, Guns and Property

227 years ago today, September 17th, 1787, the U.S. Constitution was signed. Now, however, the government founded to protect our natural, inalienable rights has become the greatest threat to them. And the nation formed to protect religious liberty now forces conversion to political correctness, supplanting freedom with compliance. Sep 17, 2014 3:45 AM PT

Why Borders Matter

Borders matter. That became crystal clear this past week, when Tesla picked a location just over the border in Nevada, instead of locating its new battery factory in its largest market, California. he regulatory and tax burden is significantly lower just over that imaginary line. Where California is punitive, Nevada is welcoming. Sep 11, 2014 5:41 AM PT

Leftist Lawmakers and Enviro-Extremists Created CA Water Crisis

By wasting surface water and letting 800,000 acre-feet go out to sea instead of capturing and storing it for the bad years, California’s dysfunctional policies combined with uber-restrictive Federal endangered species protections have created over-dependency on groundwater.The fish now have more water rights than do the farmers and ranchers who by making a living off the land,feed this state and this country. Aug 30, 2014 8:34 AM PT

Wanna Pay 8-9 Bucks per Gallon of Gas?

The "Hidden Gas Tax”, buried deep within California's"Cap-and-Trade" program, was tucked away in the fine print of AB 32—a 2006 bill that radically increased government control over businesses in the name of reducing “global warming," and which goes into effect Jan 1, 2015. Aug 13, 2014 9:57 AM PT

'Shots fired' as the Left Takes Dead Aim at Ammo (SB 53)

Here they go again! Staunch anti-2nd Amendment Democrat, Senator Kevin De León and his fellow leftists are at it again. This time they've got your ammo in their sights. DeLeon, from Los Angeles, is one of the most ardent opponents of the 2nd Amendment. His latest bill, SB53, is nothing less than a back door ban on the 2nd Amendment using ammo as a proxy. Aug 8, 2014 9:16 AM PT

While the President Parties, the Pundits Preen

By simply giving in and granting amnesty, the George Wills of the world ignore some simple realities. We don't even have enough resources to take care of those who swore an oath to defend this country, so why import more needy people from other countries? Jul 31, 2014 1:36 PM PT

Media Are Using 'Children' as Human Shields at Border

I've had it with the media and the left using these "children" as human shields to protect the human-trafficker-in-chief, President Barack Obama. We don't have a "humanitarian crisis" on our borders; we have a government-created crisis that no one wants to own.   Jul 3, 2014 5:55 AM PT

Paper, Plastic or Freedom

There is almost nothing that surprises me in California politics anymore. When State Senator Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima) presented a bill to ban "single-use" plastic bags at an Assembly hearing this week, I couldn't believe he could do it with a straight face.   Jun 27, 2014 6:26 AM PT

How to Make Government Bigger and Californians Smaller

What a waste that Gov. Jerry Brown would spend his political capital rewarding his campaign supporters instead of improving the lives of all Californians, especially the most vulnerable among us. Jun 18, 2014 6:42 AM PT

How the West Will Be Won in 2014

All we need to do is become the champion of the people, on the issues that affect them at the heart level. There will be no shortage of such issues in 2014. From Obamacare that is costing people their jobs and their choice in healthcare, to the bathroom bill that has become the greatest threat to our children’s privacy, to the myriad of regulations oppressing opportunity and driving record numbers of Californians to seek the “Californian Dream” anywhere but California. Apr 7, 2014 7:15 AM PT


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