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Taxpayer Group Files Suit to Block Dems' 'Citizens United' Referendum

Earlier this week, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association filed a legal action seeking to remove an "advisory measure" pleased on the ballot by California's ultra-liberal legislative Democrats, working in tandem with an equally left-of-center Governor Jerry Brown, in a in a craven effort to try and give liberal voters a reason to turn out and vote this November. According to HJTA, the placing of such a non-binding plebiscite on the ballot is an "illegitimate exercise of legislative power."  Jul 25, 2014 6:22 AM PT

Wright Sentencing Delayed; Senators Refuse to Expel Convicted Democrat

On January 28, 2014, State Senator Rod Wright was found guilty of eight felonies by a jury of his peers in a courtroom in Los Angeles. All eight crimes were related to the fact that while Wright had declared that he lived in a home that he owns inside of the 35th State Senate district, which takes in a large swatch of southern Los Angeles County, he actually lived in another home in a neighboring Senate district. Jul 8, 2014 1:25 AM PT

Uber Under Assault in California State Capitol

Nothing speaks more to the sheer power of the free marketplace than innovation – and changes in the way we do business. There may be no better example today of swift moving, fundamental change than the rise of transportation network companies (TNCs) – technology companies like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar which employ smartphone technology to allow individuals who are looking for local transportation to be matched with someone nearby who would like to give them a ride in their car. Jun 27, 2014 9:10 AM PT

8 Crazy Things in Jerry Brown's New California Budget

With the Governor’s signature on this big-spending budget, it should be abundantly clear that any notion that Brown somehow represents “adult supervision” in the State Capitol is a fiction. Jun 20, 2014 11:50 AM PT

Top Five California Winners in McCarthy's Rise

While many are looking at the national implications of a switch from Cantor to McCarthy--a fellow leader of the GOP establishment--in the second-highest spot in the House, it is worth noting that this boost in McCarthy’s influence and prestige means there are some winners right here in his home state of California. Here are the top five: Jun 13, 2014 4:44 AM PT

McCarthy's Do-or-Die Moment: Majority Leader or Bust!

As the shocking news last night of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor losing his primary traveled like lightning around Capitol Hill, pretty much everyone was taken by surprise. After all, since the inception of the position of Majority Leader, no occupant of that position of prestige and influence had ever lost his own party’s nomination for reelection. Ever. Jun 11, 2014 6:47 AM PT

Padilla's Weak Showing Provides Window for GOP in Secretary of State Race

While there are still hundreds of thousands of late absentee and provisional ballots left to be counted before the final certification of last Thursday’s primary election, there aren’t enough votes left to change the fact that Democrat state Senator Alex Padilla has every reason to be worried about his November runoff with Republican Pete Peterson. Jun 7, 2014 8:51 AM PT

CA-7: Birman Headed for Upset Win over Ose in Race to Replace Bera?

Two years ago, in California’s 7th congressional district--located east and south of Sacramento--incumbent Republican Dan Lungren lost to Democrat physician Ami Bera by 5,696 votes. In 2012, President Barack Obama also swept this state by 21 points. Since then, Rep. Bera has been an extremely liberal Congressman, with the conservative Club for Growth ranking him as the fourth-worst House member. May 30, 2014 6:17 AM PT

10 Days, 4 House Races to Watch in CA's June 3 Primary

California is home to 53 members of Congress, far more than any other state in the union. Thanks to a decennial redistricting that favored Democrats--and to the state’s relatively new election rules that junk traditional party primaries for a “top two” system, there are many interesting House races to watch. With the June 3 primary election less than two weeks away, there are four races of particular interest. May 23, 2014 2:44 PM PT

Spending Spree: The Price of One-Party Rule in California

This year Californians are going to pay a steep price for their decision to lock in one-party governance in their state government. You see, Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, has introduced revisions to his proposed budget for fiscal year 2014-2015 that, if adopted, would increase spending year-over-year around $12 billion dollars more than last year and would result in the largest state budget in California history. May 15, 2014 11:58 AM PT

Issa Blasts Donnelly for 'Sharia' Attack on Kashkari: 'Disqualified'

U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chair Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) blasted California State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly for his recent comments accusing gubernatorial rival Neel Kashkari of association with Islamic sharia law during Kashkari's tenure at the U.S. Treasury. “There is no place in any public discussion from this type of hateful and ignorant garbage," Issa said Thursday. As far as I’m concerned, this type of stupidity disqualifies Donnelly from being fit to hold any office, anywhere.” May 8, 2014 12:03 PM PT

California Governor Primary: Battle of the Unknowns

While California is home to just over five million registered Republicans, with our state’s massive population, the GOP piece of the overall pie is just 28.6% of all voters. And that slice is diminishing: in 2002 Republicans had a 35% market share. These daunting voter registration figures set the table for the current contest within the Republican Party for who will face popular incumbent Democratic Governor Jerry Brown this November, in a state that has become reliably blue.  May 1, 2014 11:01 AM PT


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