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Huff Po: CO Gun Recall 'Stunning Victory'

The Huffington Post described the recall of two anti-second amendment, pro-gun control state senators a "stunning victory" for gun rights activists.  Two state senators, including the president of the senate, John Morse and Angela Giron, were handed their walking papers last night by Colorado voters.  Sep 11, 2013 5:07 AM PT

Biden to Meet with House GOP on Syria

According to Hill sources, House Republicans will meet with Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday morning.  The meet is said to begin at 9:30am and Biden is expected to face a tough crowd.   Sep 10, 2013 2:46 AM PT

Hide the Redbull: Tobacco Senators Come after Energy Drinks

The government is coming for your energy drinks.  Senators Durbin (D-IL), Markey (D-MA) and Blumenthal (D-CT) recently "grilled" the executives from the the energy drink industry about "selling an unhealthy product and an unsafe message to young people." Sep 1, 2013 6:56 AM PT

Shapiro Joins CSPAN BookTV's 'In Depth' Sunday 12-3 PM ET

Ben Shapiro, Breitbart News editor-at-large and editor-in-chief of the upcoming TruthRevolt.org, a project of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, will be joining In Depth on CSPAN-2 BOOKTV on Sunday, 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET to discuss his authorial career. Shapiro, 29, is the author of five books, including the recent New York Times bestseller Bullies: How The Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America (Threshold Editions, 2013). Aug 30, 2013 2:48 PM PT

Sources: Pelosi Pushes for Syria Retaliation

According to Politico sources, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pushed Obama adminstration officials "to take military action to punish Syrian President Bashar Assad in response to reports that he used chemical weapons in his nation’s ongoing civil war." Aug 30, 2013 3:03 AM PT

'Try God' Billboard Vandalized

A billboard located along the heavily-trafficked Massachusetts Turnpike, advertising a Catholic radio station was reportedly vandalized. According to the manager of the talk show promoted on the billboard, listeners called into report that the billboard was altered from "Try God" to "Try God, the Other WHITE Meat."  Aug 27, 2013 9:27 AM PT

Report: NSA Spied on the U.N.

Der Spiegel is reporting that the NSA was spying on the United Nations New York headquarters and embassies around the world, according to documents leaked by Edward Snowden.  Aug 26, 2013 1:35 AM PT


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