Report: Drone Used to Peep, Film Sunbathing Ladies

Report: Drone Used to Peep, Film Sunbathing Ladies

A woman in Virginia Beach, Virginia has complained that a drone operated by a perverted voyeur was filming bathing suit-clad women at a private residential beach.

According to a participant on Reddit, she “heard this whirring noise above us, and I looked up and saw a remote-controlled plane – one of the square ones that can move really articulately in all directions.” Initially she was not alarmed but then she noticed the drone got more aggressive:

‘Then I noticed: A. It was getting really close to women. Like, straight up in their asses close, flying really low, staying there for probably three minutes at a time; and B. It had a camera on it.’

The woman confronted the drone operator explaining “That is seriously creepy.” The drone operator attempted to assuage her concern by explaining “It isn’t going to hurt you.”

And then, getting angry she said: ‘I’m not worried about my PERSONAL SAFETY, though I am now worried a bit for YOURS. Your drone is creepy and violating. You need to take it out of the air, or I will.’

Eventually, the drone operator left the beach.


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